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Brilliant use of pre-exisiting graffiti not only as a campaign, but also to educate. The Tutor Crowd is a London-based online tutoring service that recently started stalking the streets for and correcting typos in any bit of graffiti they find.

Great street art series by artist Nikita Nomerz, bringing new life to dilapidated buildings.

Awesome anti-smoking campaign by BBDO Toronto. See the ad below

Awesome anti-smoking campaign by BBDO Toronto. See the ad below

I always find re-branding projects really interesting. How do you take an existing company (especially a big-wig) and breathe new life into it? This National Geographic reinvention by graphic designer Justin Marimon envisions the company as a more modern, image-driven brand. I’m liking the overall aesthetic even if the logo re-design doesn’t seem quite thought through. What do you think, does it work?

(Source: designtaxi.com)

Really, really smart ads for 98FM.

(Source: ibelieveinadv.com)

Loving the simplicity behind this Leo Burnett created ad for Jeep.

If you’re a fan of Picasso’s work, you will love this series of portraits by Eugenio Recuenco, created as a tribute to the original paintings.

Freaking amazing finger drawings by Judith Braun.

(via iu2)

Designers rejoice! Book artist Kevin Steele has created a typographical pop-up book called The Movable Book of Letterforms, designed toteach you all you need to know about typography. Take a look at this cool “in action” video.